we take tacos seriously.
We take tacos seriously.


  • Taco de barbacoa
    taco de barbacoa
  • Carnitas
  • Taco de tinga
    taco de tinga
  • Veggie
  • PeNachos
  • Huevos toñito (sunday)
    huevos toñito (sunday)
  • Chilaquiles (sunday)
    chilaquiles (sunday)
  • Breakfast burritos (sunday)
    breakfast burritos (sunday)


Opening / pick up times:

Tue. to Sat.
12.00 - 22.00 (kitchen closes at 21:00)
Order your tacos via WhatsApp or phone
0660 714 3068

We want to bring the taste of the Mexican taqueria to Vienna. After years of living in Vienna, we have found what the Viennese heart needs: a damn good taco.
Beef taco

Because there is nothing as beautiful as a taco. Because no place in Vienna takes tacos seriously. Because there is nothing better than a quesadilla on a Sunday morning. Because nothing is as refreshing as an agua de jamaica.
Because the Viennese deserves the best. Salsa

it can’t be any easier:

  1. Pick your tortilla
  2. Pick your meat... Or not (Vegetarian)
  3. Pick your salsa (roja, verde)
  4. Want some onion and coriander with that?
  5. Something to drink too? Una cervecita, maybe?